Low Voltage Electricians in Eugene, Oregon

In today's world, modern businesses depend on a wide variety of low voltage systems to keep their employees comfortable, safe and connected with the outside world. At Builders Electric, our experienced low voltage electricians keep up with the latest trends in low voltage tech and provide custom design, build and installation services . From voice and data networks to security and lighting control systems, our team is ready to meet the needs of your business. Serving the Willamette valley and all of Oregon, we offer low voltage services for new construction projects and retrofits.

While low voltage systems reduce energy costs, they are also safer because the risk of electrical shock caused by shorted or faulty circuits is greatly reduced. Because electrical companies do not provide low voltage services, all low voltage systems are supplied by transformers that step normal 110/220 V AC current down to somewhere between 12V DC and 30 V DC, depending upon the system. While there are benefits to low voltage systems, all wiring and installations of low voltage devices must still meet your state's low voltage electrical code.

Our Low Voltage Services include but are not limited to:

Network Cabling/ Data and Fiberoptic

Builders Electric offers wiring and cabling services for network data systems including fiberoptic.

Access Control

Access control can provide additional security to your physical premises including buildings and parking lots as well as 24/7 access for emergency support. These systems are typically installed with strategically located call stations that have the ability to record the history and time duration of every entry and exit event. Builders Electric specializes in installing a variety of access control system products such as card access points, telephone access points, elevator controls and keypads.

Security Systems

With clients throughout the Willamette Valley, Builders Electric has installed both industrial and commercial fire and security systems. Our security system services include CCTV systems, intrusion detection, security cabling, motion sensors, IP cameras, door control and TV/monitor installations. We can hardwire these systems or make them available wirelessly.

CCTV (Commercial and Industrial Only)

Camera systems can be used in a variety of ways to help monitor, track and avoid potential security risks. As another addition to their design/build low voltage service, Builders Electric has extensive experience working with closed circuit television systems. We can tailor these systems to be fixed, controllable (PTZ), indoor, outdoor, covert, vandal resistant or restricted to specific hours of the day or night. We can also allow the user to view and control the cameras from any location by installing a web based application for data storage and management.

Fire Alarm

As a certified fire alarm contractor, Builders Electric designs and installs fire alarm systems for industrial and commercial applications. Our design savvy and knowledge of code requirements can help you make sure the job gets done right the first time in a timely manner. We also handle all the details of submitting the fire alarm system for inspection along with all additional documentation.

Nurse Call Systems

For hospitals and other commercial projects in the healthcare industry, Builders Electric provides low voltage design/build services for nurse call systems. These systems can range from basic systems to more advanced hospital grade systems. We also offer our design/build service for wireless nurse call systems.

Misc Controls

As digital technology continues to evolve, so does the need to simplify the controls of complex systems. Where it once took many components to meet a system's requirements, new control systems can often handle everything from a single device. At Builders Electric, we specialize in designing and building diverse controls systems to meet the needs of our customers. We can set up control systems to be accessible over the telephone or internet. From any location, you can automate tasks such as checking and adjusting your building's lights, temperature, security, or video feeds using your phone or computer.

Intercom Systems

Along with the installation of your security or fire alarm system, Builders Electric can also install an intercom system tailored to fit your needs.

Whole-Home Audio Systems

As another low voltage design/build service, Builders Electric provides professional audio system installation for commercial and industrial clients. Whether you need a new audio system for your convention center, school, or stadium, Builders Electric can take your project from inception to reality.

Flat Screen, LCD, 4K and Plasma Televisions

Builders Electric also provides their low voltage design/build service for LCD, 4K and Plasma TV systems. Our services include custom A/V installation, wall mounting, ceiling mounting, outlet relocations, and integration of all audio and video equipment with your display. We can also help assist you integrate your wall mounted speaker systems and program universal remote controls.