CBT Nugget

As a local provider of IT training courses, CBT Nuggets provides innovative education that is informative, meaningful, and engaging. All of their training courses are provided via high-quality online video streaming. Students enrolled in any of their courses have 24 hour access to their educational videos and articles.


Kendall Automotive

For over 20 years Builder’s Electric has provided design/build electrical service for the Kendall Auto Group. Projects have included the Toyota, Chevrolet/Cadillac, Honda, Acura, Ford and Lexus dealerships. All incorporate energy efficient electrical systems.

Leed Platinum CertificateToyota’s new car dealership at 373 Goodpasture Isand Road is the first LEED Platinum auto dealership. This LEED award is the highest available energy efficiency award. The dealership incorporates solar electrical panels, energy efficient lighting and lighting controls.

The Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership at 846 Goodpasture Island Road offers new and used vehicles in a facility built to be a hallmark showroom and service location.

The Honda dealership at 846 Goodpasture Island Road is a premier design/build dealership built in 2004. The showroom and service facility include energy efficient power and lighting.

The Kendall Acura Dealership at 846 Goodpasture Island Road was formerly the Kmart store for Eugene. The showroom and service facility incorporate energy efficient lighting and earth friendly equipment connected to the service department.

Kendall Ford dealership at 344 Goodpasture Island Road was remodeled in 2006 to have energy efficient lighting in both the showroom and service facility. This facility has the data processing facility for all the multi-state Kendall locations

Kendall Lexus at 344 Goodpasture Island Road was built to be the premium facility for a premium automobile. The showroom and service facility is a energy efficient electrical system worthy of the Lexus name.


Camping World

Builders Electric was the design/build electrical contractor for the new Camping World facility off I-5 in Coburg. This facility has a 240,000 square foot well-lit RV sales lot, 13,000 square foot retail store and 22,400 square foot RV maintenance shop. Check it out when in the area. Our electrical design for this facility has been used by Camping World corporate construction as the frame work for the other facilities constructed since completion.


Oregon Electric Station

In 1977 Builders Electric was the design/build electrical contractor for the original conversion of a rundown train station to a first class restaurant. The conversion included train cars and a commercial kitchen. This year we were privileged to be the design/build electrical contractor for a complete interior remodel of the same facility that we worked on 37 years ago. The lighting and finishes are absolutely first class. Some elements of our original design were retained, but it now is the New Oregon Electric Station … ready to serve Eugene for another 30 plus years.


Hawes Building

Partnering with Chambers Construction, Builders Electric provided their electrical design, build and construction services for this three story, 83,000 sq. ft financial center in Springfield, Oregon.