Commercial Electrical Services in Eugene

Since our founding in 1960, Builders Electric has consistently delivered commercial electrical services of the highest quality. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations in all of our interactions by offering unsurpassed commercial electrical design, installation, and maintenance delivered by our experienced team of electricians. Builder's Electric offers a comprehensive design/build service for all of your commercial electrical needs. We were the first electrical construction firm in the Eugene area to have a design department that is able to ensure that the project meets your expectations for a reasonable cost.

Design and Build of Commercial Facilities

Builder's Electric has two registered professional engineers to work with you to develop the most cost effective solution to your construction project. This engineering service is supported by two design professionals with state of the art Auto CAD 13/REVET design stations. All customers we serve have access to the experience and excellent installation equipment that our firm has to offer.

Remodel for Commercial Facilities

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial facility with energy efficient lighting and a clean, modern look? When the right time to remodel arrives, Builders Electric can help you get your project completed in a timely and cost effective manner. As an established member of our community, we have worked with some of the largest commercial businesses in the Willamette valley. As a result of our commitment to quality, we continue to build ongoing relationships with clients throughout Oregon. Let us help you design and transform your business today!

Stand-By and Emergency Generator Installations

In order to maintain productivity and cash flow, businesses depend on a consistent and uninterrupted power supply. In the event of a power outage, emergency generators can operate critical systems such as water, heating, lighting and refrigeration to keep your operation running smoothly. At Builders Electric, we provide a wide variety of on site emergency generators ranging from 1,500 watt portable gasoline models all the way up to 2,500 kilowatts of diesel generated power. These systems can be entirely automatic or manually activated. Whatever your needs may be, it is always critical to have your emergency power system installed properly by a licensed and knowledgeable contractor who is familiar with these systems.

IT Room Equipment Installations

These days, nearly every commercial business is in need of a secure IT room to house their computer systems. These systems are integral to the daily functions of numerous businesses and accrue significant costs as a result of downtime. Consequently, a properly directed and installed power supply is critical in order to avoid overloading circuits and power surges. Emergency power is also necessary to preserve valuable data. With years of experience installing IT room power systems, Builders Electric provides comprehensive IT room electrical services. We first measure load capacities and implement a balanced approach to supplying power. Next, all necessary heating and cooling systems are put in place to maintain optimum temperature levels. Finally, we provide customized lighting and security systems specifically tailored to the needs of the business. We can also install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for temporary power in the event of a power outage.

Power Monitoring, Testing and Repair

Builders Electric offers a complete range of electrical testing services that include thermography, harmonic analysis, power factor analysis, fiber optic testing, circuit and cable locating, high voltage, and ground resistance testing. Our power quality services include power factor correction, harmonic correction, adequate grounding assurance, lightning and surge protection.

NFPA 70E Arc Flash Analysis and Design

Builder's Electric provides engineering services for industrial facility arc flash studies as required by OSHA. After we gather data on all of the system's electrical components, circuit breakers, fuses and cabling distances, an AutoCad profile is constructed. Along with information gathered from the utility service, we use software to determine the arc flash calories/ cm2. We then implement NFPA 70E required labeling for all service and distribution panels to ensure that necessary personal protection is worn while repairs are made to the electrical system.

Underground Locating

Builder's Electric has the equipment to locate and repair underground electrical cables. Location of underground cables on private property is recommended before excavation starts. If an underground cable fails we can locate the fault and save you money by quickly repairing the problem.

Preventative Maintenance Survey & Thermographic Services

Builder's Electric has a FLIR camera and with our certified technician we can locate and display thermographic hotspots of your electrical system. Heat generated by an electrical connection is detected before it causes a plant stoppage or an electrical emergency. This survey is documented in a report that provides a record of the entire electrical system.

Commercial Solar Systems

We provide solar panel installation and maintenance for commercial businesses.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Builders Electric has installed electric vehicle charging stations for Ecotatlity Corporation, a government sponsored supplier for the Nissan Leaf.

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